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What is Angelic Reformation™?

For those of you who aren't familiar with Master John Douglas, he is a world-renowned theologian and spiritual teacher. Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Master John created and is the world's foremost practitioner and teacher of Angelic Reformation™. CMA, through and with Master John, educates spiritual aspirants — newcomers as well as those who have attended CMA seminars and/or the advanced Elite Development Course offered annually at CMA's headquarters in Boone, NC — about Angelic Reformation™ via in-person seminars, on-line streaming teleseminars, and by invoking angelic aid through meditative processes available for purchase on CMA's website and at CMA's live seminars. Together with his angelic companions, Master John is utilizing Angelic Reformation™ to create profound change on the quantum invisible level to be experienced as profound healing on the physical level as well as on the mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

"The tours involve many different events, but many of the events are "B" events which have to accommodate, usually, some new people. And then we continue on a path of growing and developing through Angelic Reformation™ and very special and incisive reformation techniques are given which are condensations of uncountable years of development, uncountable hours of blissful empowerment through meditation, and further, they are direct interventions by divine beings that can restructure and reform the framework of your consciousness, and your subconscious mind, and how you think, act, and react and what you'll be exposed to. So the Master Angels allow us to experience this through the "B" events, through the other events, through the processes you have to use at home, the CD processes. All of them contain thousands and thousands of Angelic Reformations. And the CDs contain reformations that are not mentioned. The CDs contain reformations that are not mentioned and that are extra according to each person's needs."

—CMA International Foundation teleseminar, November 9th, 2021

"Divine Angelic Reformation™ puts you into the jet above that traffic and allows you to soar above most things that you don't even know were lined up for you. Most people have an intuitive sense to be part of our work and to apply our work all over the world. People are using the CDs. They see us. They don't see us. It doesn't matter. Everyone's path is different. No one's forcing you to do anything. But these people somehow intuitively know how much they are progressing and benefiting in their life by restructuring their consciousness with divine Angelic Reformation™ and leaping over many of the difficulties or difficult lessons and the various natures of karma that are waiting for us through our life path."

—CMA International Foundation teleseminar, November 8th, 2022

If you would like to learn more about Master John's knowledge and tools, we invite you to visit and thoroughly review the CMA International Foundation website at . While on the website, you may want to explore the Elite Development course, which you can do by clicking on Elite Course at the top of the home page. Also, please make sure to click the button to sign up for our free newsletter, the Divine Times , so that you will receive all the latest tour and event information.



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